March 13, 2002

More Books

I'm revisiting Ayn Rand's stuff this week: both The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. I can see why geeks like her stuff; the heroes of Rand's fiction are the kinds of people who say, "I'm the best at what I do, and if you don't like it, f**k off." In real life these people would be complete sociopaths, of course, which is why people who read Rand too literally scare me.


I haven't been doing enough writing. I've found that, for me, computer programming is death to any kind of creative literary output -- it takes a completely different mental state to write software than it does to write a poem or story.

I've been considering taking a week off from work and dedicating that week to doing some serious writing. I might even go the whole hog and do my writing the old fasioned, dead-tree way: pen and heavy-bond typing paper.