January 23, 2006

Creationism should be taught n schools according to poll

Was looking through Google news for something interesting to read and came across a 'news' (I don't really see this as news) report titled Creationism in US schools from the Evangelical Times (UK). The report (which is short to say the least) is http://www.evangelical-times.org/ETNews/Oct05/Oct05n15.htm.

I've read statistics that 50% of Americans believe in God which isn't hard to believe is true, plenty of people in the US are deluded and in need of education. But I find it hard to believe in 2006 (2005 when the poll was published apparently)-

Nearly two-thirds of Americans in a recent poll say creationism should be taught alongside evolution in public [state] schools. About 38% were in favour of replacing evolution with creationism altogether.

So 2/3rds apparently believe in creationism, I feel as a species we muse be de-evolving to believe in such religous nonsense!

What should be required reading is books by scientific writers such as Richard Dawkins, especially his book The Blind Watchmaker which I read at University (required reading for a course) and helps dispell the claims made by the intelligent design believers.